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A Lover's Tongue.
Lover's tongue,
and broken weep,
lay my head,
forever to sleep.
Anger's crimson energy,
Envy's bitter agony,
and the last thing you will see,
gun to head, never to be.
Smile taunting,
Insincerity mocking,
without a regret,
you know what is best.
Born by my mistake,
lived worry, awake,
a fault in her dreams,
pain in her death scream.
Love never found,
no sweet, tender sounds,
untouched and purely,
never to be.
Her lungs deprived breath,
her heart finding rest,
the act upon impulse,
finished too soon.
Words written with angst,
and the sharp tang of sorrow,
the lies coming softly,
"I love you too, I'll see you tomorrow"
:iconaile-lovely:aile-lovely 3 0
A mirror.
Your long lost father passed you a sheet,
tiny and shiny, reflective and glass,
and you fell in love with the face that stared back.
what can I say,
what a horrible fate...

You carried it everywhere,
the frame became bare,
the glass became dirty,
the reflection was fogged.
what can I say,
what a horrible fate.

You washed it clean,
if you know what I mean,
and in front of your face,
your reflection was seen.
what can I say,
what horrible fate.

Your eyes gleam, your skin shone,
do not get me wrong,
you are beautiful, now listen to me,
I love you more than you will ever see.
what can I say,
what a horrible fate.

That glass is emotionless,
no tears may be shed,
but love, look back,
you're leaving me dead.
what can I say,
what a horrible fate.

I mean nothing, I know,
my attempts gone to waste,
Just look away from that mirror,
give me a solitary taste.
of that beautiful reflection.
what can I say,
what a horrible fate.

Despite what I wish for,
I'm pr
:iconaile-lovely:aile-lovely 2 5
to you. to ALL of you.
Close to the edge, so close, each nudge pushing me the slightest bit closer to that seemingly endless fall.  My stomach lurching as I looked down over the side of a sheer drop, straight down, rocks and water churning at it's end, barely visible through the thick white fog.  Her words brought me back, no matter how fleeting they may be, her hand a firm hold on my life, the gun safely tucked away in her jacket pocket, safety on.  So thankful I was for that.  I looked to my side, whispers from the others taunting me and I took a step forward, teetering on the thin blade of beginning and end.  The knife twirled and thrown and saved as I attempted vainly to remain balanced on it's cutting side.
"Suicide is a permanent solution, to a temporary problem."
Port's words ran through my mind, and suddenly I recalled the next sentence she had uttered.
"Plus I haven't met you yet !"
I smiled in spite of myself, how I loved her. 
:iconaile-lovely:aile-lovely 3 4
Live life in a metaphor.
fragments of broken noise,
minds eye shattering,
eyes, an internal eclipse.
devoured by maggots,
sweet scent of decay,
finally, bones revealed.
blood pools in distaste,
crimson reactions,
brutal, killer words.
Cries of pleasure,
Liquids flow freely,
imprisoned in freedom.
:iconaile-lovely:aile-lovely 2 3
Permission: I wish.
Warm, desolate, sandy...
water filters through the grains,
tickling against my skin,
the touch ignites.
I fly.
Safe, quiet, together...
nose to nose,
breathing even, and careful,
do what you wish.
I smile.
Wrapped, curved, smothered...
ribbons float delicately,
along my sides,
passionate moans.
I live.
Ice, snow, alone...
hands running carefully down,
finding their target,
a practiced art.
I know.
Love, lust, caution...
My trembling voice asks,
what do you say?
I wish.
:iconaile-lovely:aile-lovely 2 2
Love, what is wrong with me?
I sit, ripping tiny morsels of chicken off the bone.  The delicious scent rolling off the air... my greasy fingers wandering across the hardcover drawing book.  
Wh-what, could I tell them?
I had tried before, I mean... no, guy on guy wasn't all that attractive anymore.  Hadn't she taken the hint, that maybe just maybe I didn't find that form very attractive at all.
Sure, I still liked men, as long as they were feminine to the extreme, I shrugged off the fact that most of those were gay themselves.
It's not like it matters... I mean, who cares?
I shudder at the thought of my french teacher, her words a stinging slap to my self esteem, painful welts of emotional pain.
I didn't think an educator was allowed to treat a student in such a fashion.
I recalled her words, I was now similar to a puppy that had been kicked once too many ...
"No normal females, with morals and proper likings, would draw anything like that."
She had clos
:iconaile-lovely:aile-lovely 1 3
Words, a bullet to my brain.
A bullet to my brain,
"I just want to die."
I love you,
you know it's true...
so much to live for,
so much to lose.
Don't leave us behind.
Eight shots of alcohol,
blurring my vision.
"You have him more than I have her."
You know it's true,
You must make it through.
Stale scent of decay,
lingers on my skin,
"Let me be the one,"
Entwined hands.
"to make it better."
Knife to flesh.
Blood, iron, salt,
"What did I do to deserve this?"
life is a fucking bitch.
So tired.
I want to fall asleep,
and never wake up.
A peaceful ending...
"Not for those you left behind."
Pain, hatred, loss?
We've all experienced,
to some extent.
Even if we are unwilling
to say it.

Live, laugh, love.
Make it through,
I love you...
we all do.
:iconaile-lovely:aile-lovely 2 6
The acrid scent of burning flesh overtook me, the sharpness of it sending me spiraling.  You'd think I would have been used to this "torture of the lungs" by now, yet my heart was pounding incalculably fast in my chest.  I had survived thus far, so it seemed I was safe.  Nestled securely under concealing layers of coarsely made material... it would appear perhaps that I was asleep, snug in my bed... though, insomniacs rarely participate in the act of sleep.  At this moment, it was even worse... curiosity at my insides, clawing torturously at my ribcage.  How did the saying go?  I was pretty sure the traditional words were, "Curiosity kills the cat." but surely no one would mind if I changed them.  They needed to be valid to this situation.
"Curiosity kills the Katya."
I emerged from my den with caution, fear gnawing at me.  The spectacle of my sheets and blankets falling to the carpeted floor,
:iconaile-lovely:aile-lovely 0 0
BBT-- love.
Looking around the room, I suddenly realized… no.
No. More. Torture. I would be my own person, no longer under the influence of beings… that perhaps weren’t even there.  I wrapped my arms around the short female, pushing myself close to her.  Even though she wasn’t exactly responsive to my embrace, the gorgeous one was infuriated.  What wouldn’t she give to physically feel her against her skin, the yellow tinged surface of her being perpetually cold as stone, perhaps even warmed by the tiny girl she so adored.  Moving away from us she glanced down to the boy, and began talking fluently in a dialect I doubted was human or that I’d ever understand.  He winced at her sharp tone, trying to escape her force by wrapping the floaty, black cloak around his circumference.  He couldn’t see her, she couldn’t see him, or so he thought at the moment.  He said nothing, didn’t struggle a
:iconaile-lovely:aile-lovely 1 6
I leaned against my angel, her breathing soft and even... like a lullaby.  The steady beat of her heart drowning out the buzzing of flies fucking and the electric fencing.
My fingers travelled across her flank, cinching her up tighter before leading her out.  My ears numb to any noise that she didn't create.  I lifted my leg, missing the first time and finally managing to find the rock I used as an aid.  I jumped, using her whithers as leverage, propelling myself forward and sideways onto her... until finally, I found myself seated comfortably on the broad expanse of her painted back.
I pushed her forwards with my legs, hair floating freely behind me in the breeze of a sunlit day.  The rays glinting off her sorrel spots that I had groomed to near perfection.  When I decided whe was sufficiently warmed up I loosed my grip, squeezing her forward more and more.
The two beat came first, slow and bouncy beneath me, she tugged at my
:iconaile-lovely:aile-lovely 1 4
Love, I'd never hurt you.
I felt the intense glare on my back... cold, even despite the sunny weather and sweater I wore.  Her fingers tracing down my spine through the layers, shivering I stopped for only the shortest moment, long enough so my companions wouldn't notice, not that they acknowledged my presence anyways... and just long enough to breathe, count rapidly to ten and compose myself.  I had to make sure it wasn't a dream, casually looking my shoulder I began the search for my demon.
She was impossible to miss, and I could hardly believe that the others didn't recognize her presence.  Her long blond hair floating in tendrils around her violet eyes, clothes billowing in a non-existant breeze.  Goosebumps raised on my arms as she pulled left her slouch and pushed herself to her full height.  Head only a few inches above mind, her lips wandering so close... small but full, barely a shade darker than the rest of her skin.  She wasn't white,
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Twelve -part8-
I had known him for perhaps a period of two weeks, yet he was unlike any other I had ever had the fortune to meet.  His quiet demeanour was very contrary to his comrades at Starbucks, his heart too large for someone so quiet, and cold.  He didn't even seem to mind that I was a whore.  Consort, used to satisfy one's sexual desires for "x" amount of dollars.  His tolerance of my occupation unsettling as I sit on the edge of his oversized bed.  I twisted a blank piece of paper, crushing and twisting it between my willow-like fingers, allowing the tiny rough fragments find their way to the darkwood floor.  I was firm with my resolve, but approaching him seemed impossible... he was like no other man I had ever seduced, but those others meant nothing now.  There was him, and me... Twelve, and Liam.  My liam.  Frustration overcame me as I went over strategies... I let out a small groan, my slender figure
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She sits. Her arm around my waist,
I stare ahead in sweet distaste,
her fingers rot my narrow sides,
my ears are tingling with her chides.

[not even directed at me,]
My blood, it boils in my veins,
her lips are driving me insane,
tension mounts as she draws close,
love, why must you taunt me so?

[yet it still manages to destroy...]
My demons grasp on tight to me,
daring my mind to set them free,
her hold is all that keeps me sane,
what goal will taunts help her attain?

His laughter screams in my confines,
her beauty crumbling me inside,
the one I fear the most... is free,
I ask, why is she taunting me?

[I thought I knew.]
Get what you want with widened eyes,
you'll be the source of my demise,
you'll never know, you'll never see,
how much you're tearing off of me.

[everything is renewed.]
Let me say, before I go...
You must love me, or let me go.
:iconaile-lovely:aile-lovely 2 6
Engulfed, consumed, in flame.  Why knock on heaven’s door, when I could visit hell?  Doesn’t it get colder as you go up, or were all the teachers throughout my whole forsaken life lying to me?  I would rather bask in the warmth of flames, I had never understood the dangers of fire.  Its flickering tendrils of flame, gently caressing my face and skin, tickling over my arms and legs… my only true lover.  It would only ever leave the faintest trace of it’s existence, soot and the sweet smell of the fumes.  Yet they said, dangerous, not to be played with as I did.  My blond hair short, cut because of the damage the flames had done.  My face an unclean able ashy grey, dyed so from the smoke.  Mother tried to stop me, father provided me with the lighters and fluid and matches, and anything else I asked for really.  I was his girl, for sure.  
My frie
:iconaile-lovely:aile-lovely 0 0
His Kiss.
ice slipping against my skin,
tiny fingers leaving goosebumps and condensation along the ridge that was my spine.  Shivers were no longer product of chill with him around.  I sat in my bed, wrapped in the rough material of my sheets, staring towards him with wide eyes.  He nearly purred as he moved closer to me, his cloak billowing out behind him in the non-existant breeze.  I prepared for his arms to wrap around me, gentle and caring... as they did every other night before.  My sign saying it was then okay to stumble into my dreamless slumber, but the cold did not come.  I opened my eyes and found him much closer to my face than what I was accustomed.
The wide blue eyes of a boy, no older than eight, staring intensely into mine.
I gasped, yearning for his embrace and hoping this strange expression on his face would disappear.  My movements were flustered as I reached out, awaiting the tiny, ghost pale a
:iconaile-lovely:aile-lovely 1 4
mhm... by aile-lovely mhm... :iconaile-lovely:aile-lovely 4 8


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